Galatians 4:2 but he is under guardians and managers until the date set by his father.


    Paul is talking to them in terms they will understand in trying to enlighten them to the truth. That while they were kept under the law, as a child is to their tutor they must become of age to receive their inheritance, this they should have no problem understanding, especially the pharisees who were versed in the law. So when the Promise appeared (Jesus) their age of accountability was come. Paul is trying to tell them they were schooled under the law until at the appointed time, then they are released from the schoolage of the law and ushered into grace. (The Romans was until a man was twenty-five years of age; and with the Jews, for a male, was until he was thirteen years of age and one day; and for a female, until she was twelve years of age and one day, if the signs of ripeness of age appeared; but if they did not, the time was protracted until they were twenty, and even sometimes till they were thirty-five years of age, before the matter was determined). John Gill ).  The father was under no obligation to bequest the inheritance to His child if they did not display the maturity to go along with the responsibility. In a few rare case the inheritance could be given prior to date set down. What an advantage the Jews had being raise under the law and it’s yoke of bondage, you would think they would jump at the Gospel of Grace, yet it shows how depraved mans heart is, they would rather remind in the bondage of  the law ,yet none had been able to fulfill. Paul is trying to tell His brethren that the long years of being in bondage to the law is over “the appointed time has come, the promised “Promise’ is here. The Lord Jesus Christ is the light that exposes the dark hearts of mankind, showing them the heart that God sees. With the invitation to come. Come unto me all that have labored and I will give you rest.

Gregory Lane   (07/26/2013)