Galatians 4:6 And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!”


A take off from the earlier verse, that the Jews who were redeemed from under the law to adoption as son. This is an important verse  in clearing up any  misrepresentation of scripture. The Spirit of God not only regenerates them, which is an evidence of their son-ship, but as a spirit of adoption manifests it to them, works faith in them to receive it, and frequently witnesses to the truth of it;  all which show how any come and are known to be the sons of God. There are some charismatic churches that claim you have to speak in tongues as evidence of the spirits indwelling. This is taking scripture out of context, this is another in a long list of man’s foolishness in trying to add works to the gospel. To be able to cry “Abba” Father, when prior being in bondage to sin and to Satan, is a remarkable transformation.  The term “Father” signifies were are brought into a personal relationship, where as a child we can cry out Father, what security that brings to or heart. And all this is possible by and through the workings of the Holy Spirit. Our evidence of the Holy spirit is in our walk and steadfastness to the body of Christ.  Speak in different languages (tongues) was for a specific time in the early church.  The most important evidence  is being able to name the name of Christ with the Holy Spirit to quicken us,  open our eyes and heart to the truth of the Gospel.  Therefore the adoption as Sons. “Abba”, read backwards or forwards, is the same pronunciation, and may suggest that God is the Father of his people in adversity as well as in prosperity.

“This is a privilege that exceeds all others; it is more to be a son than to be a saint; angels are saints, but not sons, they are servants; it is more to be a child of God, than to be redeemed, pardoned, and justified; it is great grace to redeem from slavery, to pardon criminals, and justify the ungodly; but it is another and an higher act of grace to make them sons; and which makes them infinitely more honourable, than to be the sons and daughters of the greatest potentate upon earth; yea, gives them an honour which Adam had not in innocence, nor the angels in heaven, who though sons by creation, yet not by adoption”.  (John Gill)