Gal 4:11 I am afraid I may have labored over you in vain.

Dad-WP-Pic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This was such a radical change in the mind of the Israelite s. From the heavy burden, much of it self-imposed, from thousands of years of repetitious ceremonial ordinances.  They are dead in spirit and with their natural brains are unable to comprehend the truth, but all is not lost in Paul’s attempt,  to those whom God show mercy and opens their eyes to the truth. Which shows the danger he apprehended they were in, by taking such large steps from Christianity to Judaism, and expresses the godly jealousy of the apostle over them; Paul had some hope of them, and in the whole declares his great love and affection for them. The Israelite s were very religious people, they were convinced they had a lock on God, and all this through works of the law, observing festivals and other ordinances prescribed by the law. Being religious they felt no need of needing a savior after all only sinners need a savior, the Israelite falsely believed they were right with God. This is the obstacles that Paul face. Today not much has changed, when sharing the gospel with those who claim self-righteousness are very difficult to convince they are in need of a savior. They have a working knowledge of scripture, they may be family members, and long time church attenders, yet they show no fruit.  I never thought the most deprived sinner was as difficult as a self-righteous person to convince the truth of scripture. The righteous feel they are right with God already, the depraved sinner has little defense. The key in this verse that Paul uses the word ‘Labored” labor involves work, work involves persistence, and persistence involves prayer.

Gregory Lane