Galatians 4:16 Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?


It has always been the Great Divider “TRUTH” Man seems to accept a lie before He would the truth. Have i become your enemy not that he was an enemy to them, he had the same loving affection for them as ever; he had their true interest at heart, and was diligently pursuing it; but they, through the prodding of the false teachers, had coped and attitude against Paul, and was hostile toward him, and treated him as if he had been an enemy to them, and as if they had a real hatred of him: and that for no other reason, Paul taught the truth . How fast we turn when we change the truth of God into a lie and believe it. In the prior verses Paul talked of their love for Him then false teacher creep in and pervert weak minds.

Because I tell you the truth; the Gospel is truth, because it comes from the God of truth, is concerned with Christ, who is truth itself, and is dictated, revealed, and blessed by the Spirit of truth. It is direct opposition to the Law which is only an image and shadow, and not truth itself: it chiefly respects the great truths of salvation alone by Christ, and justification by his righteousness.  Telling the truth often brings many enemies to the ministers of Christ; not only from men of the world, profane sinners, but professors of religion, and sometimes such who once loved and admired them. people today still pick and chose the scripture they want to believe and the rest   they either ignore or convert to a lie. It is very hard for man when saved to rid themselves of preconceived notions and family held traditions, things growing up they were taught, that may be contrary to sound doctrine and scripture. It’s hard but we need to rid our self of all preconceived  ideas and alow the scripture to speak to us with an open mind. We live in a day when it is not popular to preach sin from the pulpit, and very few Christians know nothing of a Sovereign God. This is all foreign to them. Men still believe they are sovereign over their own affairs, and God is just a bystander. Paul would have the same struggle today, that’s why we need to be students of the Bible and not just share the Gospel but the doctrinal truths of scripture which are able to make a man wise unto salvation. Paul had one group of people to deal with, He would have a smorgasbord today.

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.(Psalms 8:1)

Gregory Lane