Galatians 4:17 Those false teachers are so eager to win your favor, but their intentions are not good. They are trying to shut you off from me so that you will pay attention only to them.


What is the motive that false teachers who are so eager to win their favor or more important their following. The only way they can boast their ego’s is to count the number of followers they think they control. More followers more power. They have no integrity and the truth does not matter to them. They are ungodly leaches, they are sickened when they look in the mirror, so they turn their face to the weak-minded to boast their self-worth. They think of people as props to advance their cause. They have no interest in the eternal,  only the here and now. They claim to have your interest at heart. This is as long as you don’t question them. They have a working knowledge of the bible and many other earthly wisdom. They can be in a crowd and discuss any topic and hold their own. They are agents of Satan and will lead innocent people to hell.

They would exclude you;  from the apostle Paul, from bearing any love unto, and having any respect for him. What they were wishing and seeking for was to draw off the minds and affections of these persons from Paul; or they were desirous of removing them from the Gospel of Christ unto another false Gospel, and did all they could to hinder them from obeying the truth; and particularly were for shutting them out of their Christian liberty, and bringing them under the bondage of the law;  were for separating them from the churches, that they might set up themselves at the head of them.  that they were desirous of excluding the apostle from their company, and from having any share in their affections,

Gregory Lane