Galatians 4:19 my little children, for whom I am again in the anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you!


A soft and tender way of speaking, used by Christ to his disciples, and often by that affectionate and beloved disciple, John. It is expressive of the apostle’s strong love and affection for them, and points out their tenderness in the faith, and that small degree of spiritual light and knowledge they had, as well as signifies that he had been, as he hoped, and in a judgment of charity believed, an instrument of their conversion, and was their spiritual parent: hence it follows,

He compares himself to a woman giving birth to a  child, as the church in bringing forth souls to Christ sometimes is; and all his pains and labours in the ministry of the word to the sorrows of a woman during the time of childbearing, and at the birth. When he first came among them, he laboured exceedingly; he preached the Gospel in season, and out of season.  He followed his tireless efforts with many prayers; and his ministry among them was attended with much weakness of body, and with many reproaches, afflictions, and persecutions, comparable to the birth pains of a woman in travail.  However, as he hoped he was the means of their being born again, of the turning of them from Heathenism to Christianity, and from serving idols to serve the living God, and believe in his Son Jesus Christ; but the false apostles coming among them had so strangely brought upon them,  by writing to them, using arguments with them, sometimes giving them soft words, at other times rough ones, and fervently praying for them, if possible, to recover them from Judaism, to which they were inclined, to the pure Gospel of Christ.Turn

How do we speak to the babes in Christ who are still vulnerable, do we chastise them or come to them with a soft voice, with understanding and much prayer. May we learn a lesson from Paul, thought it has been a battle over the hearts and mind of these Jewish converts Paul was as a Spiritual parent dealing with His children.

Gregory Lane