Galatians 4:21 Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not listen to the law?


Maybe its just me but I think Paul is pointing His finger in their face and saying “Tell me you who desire to be under the law” with a Mosaic look on His face. This man has been there and done that. He knows all the requirements of the law, He know the zero tolerance of the law, Break one little law, and the Law says your guilty of breaking all the law. Paul shoulder the yoke of the law, He prided himself as a Pharisee of Pharisee. And now he has experienced the freedom of Grace, The saving faith and the mercy of God.  The sad thing is we have christian churches that still promote the idea of works in salvation and has a way to appease God.

Not merely to obey it, as holy, just, and good, from a principle of love, and to testify subjection and gratitude to God; so all these believers want to be under the law: but these men sought for justification and salvation by their obedience to it: they desired to be under it as a covenant of works, which was downright madness and folly to the last degree, since this was the way to come under the curse of it; they wanted to be under the yoke of the law, which is a yoke of bondage, an insupportable one, which the Jewish fathers could not bear; and therefore it was egregious weakness in them to desire to come under it: wherefore the apostle desires them to answer this question.

They have to some degree experienced both, the “law and “Grace” Paul asks a pointed question “have you not listened to the Law?” Have you ever been watching a  show on TV, yet your mind was somewhere else, your eyes have been glued on the TV, yet you could not recall the last few minutes, of what was said. Your ears heard it and your eyes saw it yet your mind did not comprehend it. These Israelites had centuries of listening to the law. The law  was their master they became complacent and the rituals were automatic with not much meaning. They believed what they believed because that’s how the parents believed, and how their grandparents believed. Paul preach like an Arminian during the day, with passion as if he could get a soul saved, buy rested at night like a Calvinist  knowing is up to God who would open the eyes and heart of a depraved sinner. Paul never went to bed wondering if he had said the right thing.

Gregory Lane