Mark 15:23 And they gave Him to drink wine mingled with myrrh: but He received it not.

This is an old print from Charles Spurgeon, I was going to post as written, but the language stylistics were very hard to understand, I spent a good hour updating, and was careful to keep the message  honest.  Its a powerful message and I pray it will touch your heart and draw you closer to the Lord Jesus. So this is my paraphrase


A truth that is very valuable, but very obscure, that the savior refused to drink the myrrh wine, which was given as a pain reliever.  As the Son of God surveyed the vast sin and depravity of mankind that inhabit the globe, He took into account the depths of human misery. He totaled up he some of agonies that was required to redeem mankind, and hesitated not . Christ was determined to offer the full sufficient atoning sacrifice, He must go all the way from the highest to the deepest, from the throne of Glory to the pits of despair, therefore He refused the wine. He would not stop short of all he had to undertake and suffer  for His people. How many of us rejoice at the slightest relief from pain? Have you ever prayed for relief from pain and suffering? Has providence  taken you by surprise with a stroke.  If you knew by  the death of a loved one that God would be glorified would you resist temptation or let God be dishonored?  Would you put away the temptation and say ”Thy will be Done”  How sweet t is,  if for no other reason I need to suffer, that by suffering I can bring you more honor and glory, than so be it. If only we were more like the Lord Jesus Christ and to follow His footsteps, cheerfully enduring trials for His sake. If we would deny ourselves and forgo the comfort that has fostered self love and finish the work He has given us to do. Great Grace is needed and Greater Grace will be given.

Spurgeon if He was alive in 2013

Below as written

A golden truth is couched in the fact that the Saviour put the myrrhed wine-cup from His lips. On the heights of heaven the Son of God stood of old, and as He looked down upon our globe He measured the long descent to the utmost depths of human misery; He cast up the m total of all the agonies which expiation would require, and abated not a jot. He solemnly determined that to offer a sufficient atoning sacrifice He must go the whole way, from the highest to the lowest, from the throne of highest glory to the cross of deepest woe. This myrrhed cup, with its soporific influence, would have stayed Him within a little of the utmost limit of misery, therefore He refused it. He would not stop short of all He had undertaken to suffer for His people. Ah, how many of us have pined after reliefs to our grief which would have been injurious to us! Reader, did you never pray for a discharge from hard service or suffering with a petulant and wilful eagerness? Providence has taken from you the desire of your eyes with a stroke. Say, Christian, if it had been said, “If you so desire it, that loved one of yours shall live, but God will be dishonoured,” could you have put away the temptation, and said, “Thy will be done”? Oh, it is sweet to be able to say, “My Lord, if for other reasons I need not suffer, yet if I can honour Thee more by suffering, and if the loss of my earthly all will bring Thee glory, then so let it be. I refuse the comfort, if it comes in the way of Thine honour.” O that we thus walked more in the footsteps of our Lord, cheerfully enduring trial for His sake, promptly and willingly putting away the thought of self and comfort when it would interfere with our

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