Nitwit Kids and their McDonald’s cost of living Raise

Handy Man Bill

Look, this thing with McDonald’s,   It’s time for another teachable moment. The people who say, “Hey, $7.25 is unfair! That’s not fair. They need at least $10, $15. It isn’t fair,” don’t have any idea how the market works. Employers are not buying your support or your loyalty.  They’re buying your work, and they’re paying what the market says it’s worth, and the market is determined by a lot more than just them.  Now, one thing about this: The protestors, and even Sean, who called in, is citing Australia.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but they’re all talking and citing Australia.  Saying Australia, “Well, the minimum wage in Australia is $15!” You know what the minimum wage for young adults in a McDonald’s is in Australia?  It’s $8 an hour.  It’s not $15.  But anyway, we’re not Australia.

When you walk into McDonald’s , do you ask the employee, “Look, am I paying enough here so that you can get a livable wage?  When you go in and buy a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with cheese or a double Quarter Pounder with cheese, do you look at the price is and say, “Are you sure that this costs enough that you can make a livable wage?”  Or do you just get a little upset when you think it’s a little too expensive?  When you buy a meal and you pay a fair price for it, are you doing this to ensure that the employees get health care?  When you walk into Mickey D’s and you buy a Big Mac, do you ask them, “By the way, is this thing costing enough so that you get health care here?  By the way, is this Big Mac costing enough so that you get a pension here?”  Do you think any of that when you go buy a Big Mac?  No.  You want it to be as cheap as it can be.  That’s why you’re there.

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