Joy and God’s Omniscience

The Reformed Reader

Product Details Here’s an excerpt from a daily devotional book containing various writings of James Montgomery Boice.  This is a commentary of sorts on John 21:15, where Peter says to Jesus, You know that I love you!

“There is joy in an awareness of God’s omniscience – for two reasons.”

“First, God knows the worst about us and loves us anyway.  If God did not know all things, we might fear that someday something evil in us would spring up and startle God and turn his affection from us.  He would say, ‘Oh, look at that horrible sin!  I didn’t know that was there.  How terrible!  That changes everything.  I won’t have anything to do with that person anymore.’  If God were not omniscient, that might well happen.  But God knows all things.  He knows the worst about us and loves us anyway.  The Bible teaches that it was ‘while we…

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