A.L.S. Update; I Thirst

John 19:28  Later, Jesus knew that everything had been done. To make the Scriptures come true he said, “I am thirsty.”

Greg smiling

Psalms  22:15 My mouth is as dry as a piece of baked pottery. My tongue is sticking to the roof of my mouth. You have left me dying in the dust.  Jesus was fully God and fully man, here is a prophetic verse describing the pain and suffering of the man God. The body is an awesome creation, when pain or severe afflection attack the body it goes in defense, take the case with Christ , from the garden to the cross Christ the man was under a great deal of trauma,  and suffering and pain inflected upon Him as He gets to the Cross, His body was doing everything possible to preserve His life. We can go longer periods of time without food but the body has to have water. So under duress the body will do what it has to save water. The mouth and throat area consume a lot of water but when it comes to the  vital organs the mouth and throat area are not necessary. As the Psalmist says His mouth was dry as a piece of bake pottery, and His tongue is sticking to the roof of His mouth. This was His body’s way of preserving water for the vital organs.

The cross is an emblem of Death, but it is a death that Christians need not fear, for Christ has bore the cross before us, and is now our comforter. But as we draw closer to the cross, there are three areas that are afflections  for the Christian.

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional

Christ journey to the cross was not for spiritual reasons,  He was to suffer Physical and emotional pain to be our comforter  when we endure the cross.  We on the other hand when we draw closer to the cross, it can be a way of God conforming us to the image of Christ, it is a time to realize that God is taking a special interest in us who are nearing the cross. We will begin to focus more on the cross as you body  deteriorates. When everything fails there is only God to cling to.  When all else fails God is our only Hope and salvation. I have never had more dependence on the Lord. I am convinced His grace sustains me in the night, His grace that gives me that very next precious breath, His grace that give my wife the patience and understanding to put up with me. His grace that so many of you have offered encouragement.

For those who are nearing the cross because of terminal illness it does take a physical toil, As with my A.L.S. I am seeing a steady deterioration in my body. I get a little weaker everyday and my body is trying to preserve water. I slobber profusely, but is I understand correctly is cause by blood  and not excess water. The  periods of heavy slobber and  of extreme dry mouth, are my biggest problems.  I have  lost  muscle control in my tongue it cannot stick to the roof of my mouth, buy it can feel like sandpaper. This morning I had a wonderful experience. I had purchased a 2 oz mister at Wal-Mart,  this morning I put cold water in it and misted my mouth, what a bless sensation, “I thirsted” it was enough to bring relief and I did not choke on it.

I cannot imagine the emotional rollercoaster Christ must have felt, He who created the the world now being rejected by His own creation. I believe the emotional rollercoaster that though He had never sinned and was guilty of nothing was condemn to die as a depraved sinner. Can’t believe that the ‘Light od the World” was slapped and spit upon by men who loved darkness. But He was,  and He endured it without complaining and committed Himself into the hands of God the Father, giving us an example. With A.L.S. it is a neurological condition, that can play havoc with your emotions. One time I am happy, and the next moment angry, I emotion are all over the place and I have no control over them. But God has shown mercy on me, during these times, My biggest thing I have learned is to wait on the Lord.  I know now even these negative emotions will pass.  One other thing I wait on the Lord for my A.L.S. updates, this one came about by my incredible thirst, and the incredible satisfaction I received from a Minute amount of cold water. God is so very Good.

Gregory lane