Gal 5:18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

Greg smiling

Every person who is called of God and quickened by the Holy Spirit, has been dead to the things of God. We are awaken to a whole new realm, we have lived our lives in the flesh and have no knowledge of the spiritualities. We are as dependant on the Spirit guiding us as a blind person needs His guide dog. The Spirit helps  understand scripture, without we would find it difficult to comprehend. The Spirit helps us in our prayer life for we know not how to pray. From the time we are infants in Christ and our different stages of spiritual growth, the spirit is leading us.  The Spirit teaches us to live by faith, in the difficult time the Spirit shows us how to trust God in all things.   This act of leading demonstrates  life in the persons led, for dead men cannot be led; the Spirit is first a Spirit of life, The Spirit keeps us faithful through our many years, that we remain faithful to our calling. The Spirit is our guarantee of eternal rest. Many Christians have a misguided idea of what this verse is saying. We are not to seek the Spirits guiding when  we think we need it, whether you know it or not the Spirit has led you everyday since your conversion. We are like sheep who want to go astray, but the Spirit guides beside still waters, leads us to green pastures. The Spirits involvement our lives is sometimes behind the scene, but He is ever working.

You are not under the law; such are not only delivered from the law in fact, but in their own apprehensions; they have the comfortable knowledge and experience of  Grace The external law  did not led them it controlled their action and not their heart.  “The spirit  works no wrath in them; they are delivered from the spirit of bondage to fear, by the Spirit of God, by whom they are led; nor are they under it, nor do they need it as a pressing forcing law to duty;  they delight in it, and cheerfully serve it, being constrained by love, and not awed by fear; nor are its accusations and charges regarded, or to be regarded, by such who are led by the Spirit to Christ, the end of the law for righteousness; and they are entirely freed from its curse and condemnation, though they are under it, and desire to be under it, as held forth by Christ the King of saints; and, under the Spirit’s influence and guidance, yield a cheerful and evangelical obedience to it.” (Gill)

Gregory Lane