Transitional Opposition

Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist


Transitional opposition is the place of in-between…it is a place where we are no longer who we used to be but are not quite who God wants us to be. It is a place where the battle with the enemy becomes intense, insane and even unbelievable…. The enemy is trying to destroy us before we come into the actualization of our new position in Christ. He knows the power and the authority that is inside of us and it is his assignment to bring disillusionment and to try cause us to stumble. It is his eternal desire that we do not reach our destination in Christ.

Through our lives we will have many points of transition. Transition causes us to examine our thoughts, our behaviour and our ideals. It is breaking off the old thought patterns and relationships, which causes us to move up higher into new revelations of His wonderful…

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