Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Greg smiling

When was the last time you gave any thought too; I am going to reap what I sow?  Do not be deceived, the same bunch that fought Paul tooth and nail is out to deceive the christians in Galatia, with ungodly motives, and trying their best to lead christians astray. They building up an account  and the debt will come due. God is not mocked these ungodly and mistaken christians will reap what they sow. There is an important lesson here for us if we sow to the flesh we will reap what we sow. Sin is like a pit, and around this pit is a walk way  covered with plush carpet and every so many feet are soft lights, and padded benches. There is soft music playing and the temptation path is very inviting. We make a mistake when we think we can flirt with temptation, we need to avoid the path more that the pit, because temptation leads to the pit. God is faithful to give us a way of escape, we need to flee from temptation and run to Jesus. You cannot compromise with temptation, it will always win. When we flirt with temptation we mock God, who has called us to righteousness. Christians don’t get to comfortable thinking you can confess your sins and go on your merry way. And just keep repeating the process. God will not be mocked. We can deceive man with our outward walk, but God searches the heart and we stand naked and bare before Him. We can go into the closet and sin and nobody knows, but God see the dark like the light, you cannot hide from Him. I am writing this from my experience. We need to live in glass houses, would we be the same person? You sow to the flesh you will reap what you sow, if you sow to the spirit you will reap what you sow. Now may God give us the Grace to walk according to the Spirit and have mercy when we fail.

Gregory Lane