Galatians 6:11 See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand.

Greg smiling

Paul struggled writing letters, yet if a project isn’t a struggle and it may not be worth it’s time. A struggle makes dig deeper and to go to God for wisdom, and help in our time of need. It’s also a struggle to find time to write, as all us Blogger know it is much easier to hit the “Like tab” and move on. But to take time to respond is a struggle, with your heart, do I really what to expose my heart and my feelings? A like is positive yet very cold, you like a post, but what is it you like about it? A response on the other hand takes time, and I understand in this day and age time is valuable. But so is the human soul. We can ‘t let our quest to be popular rob us of our ministry. We need to consider a responds when we hit the “like button” and exhort one another as we see the day approaching. I have been guilty of this and I only have about 30 blogs I read, I know some of you have many more. But let us strive and struggle to give a response to a post we like or don’t like, I received a response today, that changed my whole outlook for the day and I’m sure the writer of the response had no Idea the effect she would have on my life. It is easy to hit the “like tab” but it takes a little effort and sometimes it’s a struggle, but you never know how God will us what you share to encourage or challenge another Christian. Lets start and exhortation explosion and we will see the Lord Jesus Christ glorified and lifted up.

Gregory Lane