Ephesians 1:10 as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth.

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It can be hard to do one verse at a time when you know what the next verse says, this is the end of the sentence started in verse seven. I like to think of it as the “tada”   Or “according to the dispensation”,  the fulness of time appointed by God, and fixed in the prophets; after many times and seasons were elapsed, from the creation of the world; at the most suitable and convenient time, when a new economy or dispensation began, within which all this was to be effected.   Have you ever regretted being saved when you were saved? Have you ever wished you had been saved earlier, thinking if  you were saved back then you would have no made such a mess of your life? That kind of thinking can defeat you and your spiritual walk. Every sinner redeemed was saved at a chosen time by the will of God. At the fullness of time. Never be discouraged because of you past life, God was sovereign then just as he is now.  Paul used his sinful past life to further the Gospel, He knew that his past persecution of the Church would benefit His perseverance in growing the church and spreading the Gospel. He was versed in His discussion with the Pharisees and knowing where they were coming from. But Paul was saved in the fullness of time no sooner or later, as we all are.  It is a beautiful tapestry of Grace, How God in His sovereignty preordained you time of birth, you country of birth, and your number of days. Why would God weave such a tapestry of Grace? It was to unite all thing in Him “Christ”

“Summing up of all things in Christ, that had been before; as of all the promises and blessings of the covenant; of all the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament; of all the types and shadows, and sacrifices of the former dispensation; yea, all the sins of Old Testament saints, and all the curses of the law, met on him: the word is likewise used for the collection of numbers into one sum total; and Christ is the sum total of elect angels and men; or the whole number of them is in him; God has chosen a certain number of persons unto salvation; these he has put into the hands of Christ, who has a particular and personal knowledge of them; and the exact number of them will be gathered and given by him: once more, it signifies to reduce, or bring under one head; and Christ is an head of eminence and of influence, both to angels and men: and there is a collection of these together in one, in Christ; by virtue of redemption by Christ, and grace from him, there is an entire friendship between elect angels and elect men; they are social worshippers now, and shall share in the same happiness of the vision of God and of Christ hereafter: ” ( John Gill)

Greg Lane