Ephesians 1:13 In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit,

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Verse 13 completes verses 11, 12,  We have an inheritance, because we were predestined  according to the purpose according to  the council of His will.  Our hope is in Christ to the praise of His glory. Paul continues “In Him” Christ jesus when you heard the word of truth. We have to be honest here, most Christians  have heard the gospel  many times, and never made any response to it. I heard it as a child in Sunday School, and many times later growing up, it fell on deaf ears. Very few people can honestly say the first time they heard the Gospel they believed.  But when you did hear it was because the Holy Spirit quickened you from spiritual death to spiritual life making it possible to hear and understand. So when by God’s grace you were able to hear the truth the gospel of your salvation, then you believed in Him. It is also as if Paul is saying you have an added bonus you were sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit. What does this mean?

The Spirit of God continues still as a sealer of his people, and as an earnest and pledge of their inheritance until the day of redemption;  The holy Spirit brings God in us, He is our spiritual energy source. Who knows how to pray as they ought?  Who knows how to rightly divide the word of God? When we have seared our conscience who will convict os of wrong? And when we deliberate do wrong who do we grieve? Thank God for His unspeakable gift of salvation and that he gave us the Holy spirit to be our guiding light.  And the seal of these things is not circumcision, nor baptism, nor the Lord’s supper, nor even the graces of the Spirit; but the Spirit himself. Who witnesses to the spirits of believers the truth of these things, and that as a “spirit of promise”: so called, both because he is the Spirit promised,  Whom the Father and Christ had promised, and who was sent by them; and because he seals, or certifies believers of the truth. To put it all in a nut shell the Holy Spirit is the only verification we have that we are saved. You can claim to be a Christian but without the Holy Spirits influence,  you will fall away. That’s why many times people will answer an alter call, because of a smooth talker or to make a family member happy, but if they are not called of God they will be void of the Holy Spirit, the make act like a christian but will eventually fall away, we have all seen people like this.

Gregory Lane