Ephesians 1:14 who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory.

Greg smiling

Guarantee’s are important to us, without a guarantee any product we buy,  if it has a defect we are stuck with a worthless product. Auto manufactures know if their cars were not guaranteed for so many miles or years whichever come first, they would lose business. But the guarantee that God gives is the incorruptible and never fading one in heaven, or the heavenly kingdom; this is the Father’s gift, his bequest, and belongs only to children.  It comes to them through the death of the testator, Christ, and is for ever; and the Spirit of God is the pledge and earnest:  an earnest, is what confirms an agreement, and assures the right to the thing agreed to, and is a part of it, and lesser than it, and is never recalled; so the Spirit of God certifies the right to the heavenly inheritance, Our earnest in our agreement is Jesus Christ, and firm rock and faithful.

What a blessing to know that we have an inheritance that is sure. No one can take it away, not man  nor Satan  or powers to be, we are as secure as Heaven itself  the redemption of the purchased possession, “of the peculiar people”. Of saints, of the church of God, who are bought with a price, and are purchased with his blood; and who, were redeemed from sin, Satan, and the law.  “Which will be a redemption of them from the weakness, corruption, and mortality of the body; from their present state of absence and pilgrimage; from the body of sin and death; from all sorrows and afflictions, both inward and outward; from the reproaches and persecutions of men; from a tempting devil, and an unbelieving heart; from all doubts and fears; and from death and the grave”; (Gill)

Gregory Lane