Ephesians 1:17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him,

Greg smiling

The Father of glory; or the glorious Father; who is glorious in himself, in the perfections of his nature, and in the works of his hands; and as a father, he is a glorious father to Christ, and is a father to him, as he is to none else; and has been honored and glorified by Christ, and from whom Christ as man has received much honor and glory: and he is a glorious father to the saints, to whom he has shown inexpressible love, by adopting them into his family; and pities them, as a father does his children; (Gill) Paul what them to have spiritual wisdom. This is far better than knowledge. It is said that wisdom interprets knowledge. The wisdom to under stand who the God of the Bible is, the wisdom to put aside any preconceived thoughts about who God is. And Paul realizes that this knowledge of God can only come from God. A sovereign God gives wisdom and knowledge as He see fit. So Paul prays that He will give it to those he has prayed for. This is where the Church is lacking today, we no longer know who the sovereign God of the Bible is. We have easy believism and almost no discipleship, and Christians if they are , are running around ignorant of who God really is.

Knowledge of him; this was one part of the apostle’s prayers for the saints at Ephesus, that they might increase in divine knowledge;  Paul always keeps a proper balance of the God Head with not all emphases on jesus and none on the God the father, Jesus said to know me is to know the Father. The sacrificial work of Christ on the cross is of most importance but God the Father is to who the glory goes to in that it was for His good pleasure and will. Until you know and understand who the God of the Bible is you will never have the wisdom to accept the doctrine of Grace. Until you know who the God of the Bible is you will never understand that you life was mapped out before the foundation of the world. Until you know the God of the Bible you will never understand that no matter what circumstance come your way, that it was by the providence of a Sovereign God. Until you have the wisdom to understand the God of the Bible you will never fully have peace that passes all understanding.

Gregory Lane