Ephesians 1:19 and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his great might

Greg smiling

Big Big Question;  What is the immeasurable Greatness of His Power?  Paul has given us a cheat sheet, it’s immeasurable, a Greek word (huperballō)  “to surpass in throwing, to throw over or beyond anything, to transcend, surpass, exceed” I know not a man who can  explain the Greatest of God Power. Can man understand the power of God in Creation?  Can man understand the power of God in the resurrection of the dead?  Can any man understand the power of God’s love? Can any man understand the power of God’s wrath?  We may not be able to fully understand God’s power,  but in many aspects we can testify to His power in our lives, if we  confess our weakness. The power we can testify to is the power that transformed us from being dead in our sins to being alive in the spirit in Christ. To save a spiritually dead soul, take more power than raise the dead from the grave. The spiritually dead soul is at enmity with God, and resist the light and love the darkness. No man has ever sought after the God of the Bible. Spiritually dead souls have not the power to seek God, they are dead. The exceeding greatness of divine power; and which is seen in supporting faith when it is wrought, under great discouragements; in delivering believers out of divers temptations; in assisting them to carry out their duty, and in their final perseverance: and to increase the idea of this power it is added,  According to the working of his mighty power, or “according to the energy of the might of his power”: the strength of his power, in all the mighty energy of it, is extended towards and upon believers; and which they should know, own, and acknowledge, to the glory of the grace of God: and this is in proportion, and agreeable to that power.

Gregory Lane