Satan’s Tackle Box ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

To Hell with the Devil by Jimmy Paragas #5554

A peek into Satan’s tackle box,
should give you the shutters
for the lures that he uses
come right out of hell’s gutters.

He casts out the lure of pride,
when God tells us we need to wait
knowing it goes against our grain
for our egos are his favorite bait.

He throws out the lure of lust,
with pornography or an x-rated movie
he knows that man can’t look away
and ensnaring our minds is his pet duty.

He loves to take out his rusty hook,
bait it up with envy and greed
he knows that our worldly possessions
we aren’t willing to concede.

He pulls out from his box of lures,
his most treacherous bait of all . . .
sends his wolves in sheep clothing
in hopes, we will heed their call.

He wants to lure in all he can,
baits us with tolerance for immorality
for he…

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