Loving God or Victor Frankenstein?

Floating on Tiptoes

I went to a BBQ for lunch after church one day, and as I was there alone, I sat back and listened to the conversations around me. A young girl, in her early teens, implored of her Christian father, “Dad, I don’t understand why God made us if He knew that Adam and Eve would sin, and we’d all end up in such a mess. Why did God do that?”

I smiled, waiting to see how the father would explain this tough question to his daughter. Without skipping a beat he said to her, “Darling, God made us because He was lonely and He needed us.”  I was shocked by his dreadful answer and before I could catch myself I said to him, “God does not need us. That is simply not true.” Needless to say, things didn’t end well. The father in this situation was the host of the…

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