Ephesians 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.

Greg smiling

Being openly and visibly in Christ, created in him, and become believers in him; as we were before predestined secretly in him, as chosen and blessed in him before the foundation of the world. You who  were far off; who in your state of unregeneracy were afar off from God, and from his law, and from any spiritual knowledge of him and fellowship with him; and from Jesus Christ, and from the knowledge of his righteousness, and the way of salvation by him; and from the Spirit, and any acquaintance with the things of the Spirit, and from obeying Him, and from walking after Him; and from the saints and people of God. That is being without hope.  To be near and have access to and to communion with God, Father, Son, and Spirit, and the saints. In virtue of the blood of Christ; which gives boldness and peace; by which we are  justified, the pardon of our  sins is procured, reconciliation is made, and our garments are washed, and made white; and so we can draw nigh with confidence by the faith of him. After a life of bondage and living is sin, being under condemnation from a Holy God now by the blood of Christ we who are the called can come boldly before the throne of God.

Gregory Lane