Keeping Score of the Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidences

Now you know the rest of the Srory

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There have been many attempts over the years to explain away the coincidences below, almost to the point of contention by some writers. Those who go to such an extent are missing the point that most people do understand these are just coincidences, but nevertheless still find them interesting. We get that they’re just coincidence, and often the circumstances surrounding them were completely different.

When two people meet, for example, and find they share the same birthday, they certainly realize it is purely coincidence… but is there harm in marveling at such coincidence anyway?

The list below does contain some true coincidences between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Are they unnatural or beyond mere coincidence? No. But do people still find them interesting? The longevity of the list is a resounding yes.

So without further adieu, we present the list of Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences, and our score of the accuracy of each…

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