Ephesians 3:15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named,

Greg smiling

I believe there is a two sided coin here:  This may refer either to God, the Father,  of Christ, and the Holy Spirit,  who is the Father of the whole family in heaven and in earth; not only the Father of Christ, but the Father of spirits, of angelic spirits, as well as of the souls of men; and the Father of all the saints by adopting grace, whether above or below; they are all the household of God. Or  to Jesus Christ, who is the everlasting, the Son over his own house, and the Church and the firstborn among many brethren: and this family consists  of elect angels and elect men, who are both under one head, Christ, and make up one family.  This is an amazing verse the name given above all names “Christ Jesus” From Him all families in Heaven and Earth, past , present and future, elect men and Angels every redeemed soul falls under the banner of Christ. All made possible by a Holy Sovereign God. Not because we loved Him first but that He loved us. Understand the importance in this verse if you are a Blood bought Christian, God would have done  this encompassing all time,  just for you. If this doesn’t humble you and causes you to rejoice greatly maybe you don’t understand the God called you into a relationship, not a religion.

Gregory Lane