Ephesians 4:4 There is one body and one Spirit–just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call–

Greg smiling

The church (The body of Christ) is one body. There is not a body for the Jews, and another body for the Gentiles. Disposationalist would have you believe there is. Jews and Gentiles all belong to one body in Christ. This why Paul is concerned with unity in the church, there are always false prophets trying to disrupt the unity of the body of Christ. Although we have our individual churches, every believe has to understand the building is not the church, it the saints called  to a relationship in Jesus Christ. Jesus who  is the head of the body. Therefore we are  members one of another, and therefore should not bite and devour one another.

And one Spirit; the Holy Spirit of God, who animates, quickens, and actuates or puts into motion our being placed the body. There is but one Spirit, who convinces of sin, enlightens, regenerates, and makes alive; who incorporates into the body, the church; who comforts the saints; helps them in their access to God through Christ; makes known the things of Christ to them.  Is the spirit of adoption, and the seal and earnest of the heavenly glory.  And the consideration of this should engage to unity, because a contrary conduct must be grieving to the Spirit of God, unsuitable to his genuine fruits, and very unlike the true spirit of a Christian. And by one spirit may be meant the spirit of themselves, who, as the first Christians were, should be of one heart, and of one soul, of the same mind, and having the same affections for one another.

Gregory Lane