The Twelve Day’s of Christmas (Day 1)

12 days of Christmas

(Day 1) 12/13/2013  The Twelve Days of Christmas will be a Twelve day continuance  journey of Mary and Joseph in the year 2013, for twelve days I will post a paragraph on the life of Mary and Joseph. I will also post a Christmas message with each story. Hope this will be a Blessing to you and your Family. The real Christmas story is lost, in all the secular traditions that have cheapened the real meaning of Christmas. Even in the Church we have drifted towards the world. The twelve days of Christmas will be a truthful look at Christmas, without the candy canes and  mistletoe, with the exception of a modern day story of Mary and Joseph set in 2012.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

(First Day of Christmas)  Joseph who had worked in Paragould wood works for 14 years found out the plant could be closing. This was especially troubling to Mary, because Christmas was coming, and She was very much pregnant. Joseph had a strong character and was a man of faith. Him and Mary prayed that night. (To be continued)

Galatians  4:4  But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,


The City of Rome was approximately 780 years old, and the Greco- Roman world. The calendars of men counted time from the founding of the colossal capital of the empire (auc-ab urbe condita). But along the northwest coast of the Sea of Galilee, in the small province of Palestine, lay an average-sized city called Capernaum. From which was about to be launched such startling ideas and world shaking events that in centuries to come people would date their calendars not by (auc) but by AD- Anno Domini “ in the year of the Lord.” Thus the year auc 780 would be more easily recognized as the year AD 27. “The Lord”  to which  the new dating referred was a thirty-year old carpenter from the village of Nazareth who was named Jesus. Jesus was not born in a vacuum, He was born in the fullness of time.

The reason for Jesus being thirty years old rather than 27 in the year AD 27 ( as would be supposed if the Christian era dates from His birth), rests in an error of calculation by Dionysius, a Scythian Monk who started the Christian calendar in the first half of the sixth century.  The bible says Jesus was born during the last few months of the reign of Herod the Great. (Herod died in auc 750, not in auc 754 as Dionysius miscalculated. The birth of Jesus was therefore sometime prior to 4 bc. There is no year zero, so from 1bc, to 1ad is one civil year, and from 4 bc, to 4 ad, is seven years. Jesus was not born in a vacuum. Ancient cultures influenced and shaped its character. Powerful Governments stood poised to regulate its activities and punish any defectors. Established religions surrounded its camp, infiltrated its ranks, and challenged its right to exist.

The venture of the new humanity in Christ had begun. The enterprise was started, the foundations were laid. The church was born, the Holy Spirit was moving among the followers  of Christ, and a New kind of History was being written. The World would never be the same.

Notes; from Bill Austin

Gregory Lane