Twelve Day’s of Christmas (Day 2)

12 days of Christmas

(Day 2)  12/14/2013    The Twelve Days of Christmas will be a Twelve day continuance  journey of Mary and Joseph in the year 2013, for twelve days I will post a paragraph on the life of Mary and Joseph. I will also post a Christmas message with each story. Hope this will be a Blessing to you and your Family. The real Christmas story is lost, in all the secular traditions that have cheapened the real meaning of Christmas. Even in the Church we have drifted towards the world. The twelve days of Christmas will be a truthful look at Christmas, without the candy canes and  mistletoe, with the exception of a modern day story of    Mary and Joseph set in 2013.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

(The second day of ChristmasIt was Saturday day and Joseph had been eager for the weekend, He and Mary had planned a shopping trip, but now things were up in the air, because of Joseph’s, work. He kept an upbeat attitude, not wanting to upset Mary. When Joseph arrived home yesterday He found Mary a little depressed, “whats the matter dear”  She handed Him the letter, their health insurance has been canceled due to Obama Care. Her back had been bothering Her and she was having trouble sleeping. (To be continued)

Isaiah  9:6  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

For unto us a child is born; This is the reason for all that is said in the above context; of the great light that shone upon and was seen by those that sat in darkness, (Isaiah 92)  Of the great joy among the people; of the breaking off of the yoke, rod, and staff of the oppressor; and of the burning of garments rolled in blood, so putting an end to war, and establishing peace. All which is owed to the child here said to be born, whom we are to understand is the Messiah. This clause respects his humanity, his incarnation and birth, which is spoken of in the present tense, though future, because of the certainty of it; that he should really become man, assume a true body, and a reasonable soul, partake of the same flesh and blood with the children, be made flesh, and dwell among us’ for all his people, his brethren, and children; that they might have a sanctified nature; that law and justice might be satisfied in that nature which had sinned, and Satan be ruined by it. Which he himself had ruined; and that Christ might be a fit Mediator and Redeemer of his people, and be capable of executing his several offices to our advantage; his priestly office, by satisfying and interceding for us; his prophetic office, by teaching us; and his kingly office, by ruling over us; and that he might answer the relations he stands in of a father, husband, brother, and friend

       A son is given: even he who is the Son of God, his own Son, his only begotten Son, his beloved Son, the dear Son of his love; all which proved his love in the gift of him, to be the covenant and head to us, to be the Saviour of us, and a sacrifice for us; and in delivering him up into the hands of men, justice, and death; this is a free gift of God’s love, a very large and complete one, is unparalleled and unspeakable, unchangeable and irreversible.

       And the government shall be upon his shoulder: not only of the world in general, but of the church in particular; this child is born to royal dignity; he is King of saints; his government consists in ruling in the hearts of his people, in enacting laws for them, and causing them to submit unto them, in subduing their enemies, in protecting them, their persons and properties, rights and liberties, and in supplying them with everything necessary; and this government is delegated to him from his Father, is devolved upon him by him, is not of this world, but is spiritual; it is righteously administered, is peaceable, and will continue for ever: and its being said to be “upon his shoulder”

And his name shall be called Wonderful: that he should appear to be, or to have that in him, or to do what would sufficiently answer to this name, and to the rest: he is wonderful in his person, and in the glory and beauty of it; that he should be God and man in one person, and have two natures, so different from each other, united in him; that he, being truly God, should become man.

Counselor; He is not only wonderful, he is our counselor who intercedes for us, who is our resolve in all our endeavors. God stands in no need of counsel, nor does it properly fall on him, though it is sometimes ascribed to him, speaking after the manner of men. Creatures are not of his council, but Christ is; he was privy to all his thoughts, purposes, and decrees; he was consulted in creation, and in the works of providence, (Gen 1:26),( Gen 11:7 and in the great affair of redemption and salvation.

Gregory Lane