Ephesians 4:20 But that is not the way you learned Christ!–

School of Higher Learning;  January 6, 2014

Greg smiling

What we are taught and learn in life can have a huge impact  on our goals, decision and most of all how we deal with other people. One other aspect is how we deal with our selves. When we are called of God into a relationship with the very God that created all things, we start out as babes in Christ, thus our learning process begins. We can not learn except if we are taught. So first desire should be to desire the sincere milk of the word.  A new Christian should not be able to get enough, this food they have never tasted before, this food that satisfies a thirsty soul. A new Christian as they grow should be grounded in a solid bible base church. To be under the authority of a Pastor who responsibility is to shepherd there souls, and under sound biblical teachers.

We no longer walk in the vanity of our minds as others, our minds are not empty and vain, but are being filled with the knowledge of God, and we understand the saving knowledge of God through Christ. It is with the fear and love of God, and with Christ, we learn spiritual knowledge of Him, with faith in Him and love to Him, and with the  Holy Spirit. With his graces and fruits of righteousness we still have our sinful flesh, but we are no longer in bondage to it.  The way of life and salvation by Christ, and that salvation from first to last,  all of grace. The term “God is not finish with me yet” is a cop-out for  worldly minded Christians, I have run into to people who claim to be Christian living worldly  and cry ” God isn’t finished with me yet” Well God either never started with you or  youre keeping a foot on each side of the fence. It’s a sorry thing to see a Christian many years past can’t even give their reason for hope.

Gregory Lane