The Fragrance of His Grace ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

THe Blood of Christ

I have smelt the rotten odor,
that living in sin brings
I’ve taken a whiff of lust
among other disgusting things.

I’ve bathed in the perfume,
of the riches of this world
I’ve sniffed around in greed
and gave decadence a whirl.

I’ve reeked of self-assurance,
on my destructive path
I’ve walked along the highway
that only leads to God’s wrath.

I was on the road to hell,
until the truth came my way
then I heard Jesus loved me
how He died for me one day.

The sweet aroma of these words,
brought me to my senses
soon I was convicted . . . .
of all of my deadly offenses.

Now the fragrance of His grace,
is all that I can smell
and the essence of His Spirit
finally has a place in me to dwell!


Hebrews 9:14
King James Version

“How much more shall the blood…

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